How to Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles Under Eyes?

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I remembered years ago, someone told me to avoid wrinkles and that I should avoid laughing and smiling. No way! We are human; we have expressions and can’t hold back.

So in today’s post, I’ll go over some anti-aging tips for wrinkles that don’t include stop laughing or smiling. How to get rid of deep wrinkles under eyes?

To get rid of deep eye wrinkles, you should use a product that contains peptides or hyaluronic acid. Peptides help to promote collagen production. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture to your skin. Using these ingredients will help reduce the wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes.

I’ll cover the different types of wrinkles and then explain how peptides and hyaluronic acid can help minimize and prevent wrinkles.

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How to Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles Under Eyes?

First, let’s look at the type of wrinkles that form around and under the eyes. These include:

  1. Dynamic Expression Lines
  2. Gravitational Fold
  3. 11 Wrinkles

1. Dynamic Expression Lines

The first type of wrinkle that is common around the eyes is called dynamic expression lines. Dynamic expression lines eventually turn into wrinkles when our skin creases over and over. It happens during repeated facial expressions such as smiling, squinting, frowning, and laughing.

Obviously, we’re humans, and when we express our emotions, those fine lines turn into wrinkles. These types of wrinkles are formed most commonly around the forehead, the eyes, and around the mouth.

2. Gravitational Fold

The second type of wrinkles that are commonly found around the eyes is called the gravitational fold. This type of wrinkle develops with age, and they are most commonly found around the eyelids and under the eyes like under-eye bags.

It starts to develop when the collagen and elastin start to break down. This type of wrinkle develops more prominently if you have a leaner-looking face and thin skin compared to someone who has a plump-looking face and thicker skin.

3. 11 Wrinkles

For those of you who have the “11 wrinkles,” – the vertical lines that show up in between your brows or down your chest are called Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids.

This type of wrinkle is also caused by the breakdown of collagen and elastin and overexposure to UV rays. UV rays release free radicals, and they break down collagen and elastin.

For those types of wrinkles, the best that you can do is, of course, to use sunscreen every single day.

If you use sunscreen combined with an antioxidant like vitamin C and Niacinamide – both are antioxidants, and they neutralize the free radicals that break down your skin a little every single day.

Should I Exfoliate Under My Eyes?

When you’re using eye creams, eye gels, or serums to address the fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, there’s not a lot of people that talk about exfoliating around the eyes.

So, when you’re using an exfoliator, obviously, most people are avoiding the periocular area – that is because the skin around our eyes is thinner, and they tend to be more sensitive.

What you can do is use a very gentle exfoliating powder. I recommend using Iluma Intense Exfoliating Powder by Image – which is a brightening powder that is gentle enough to use around your eyes.

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Basically, what the product does is it takes off a lot of dead skin cells that we accumulate around our eyes, and it’s very gentle.

It can also increase the absorption rate of your serums, eye gels, eye creams, and any other wrinkle products that you may be using to address the crow’s feet, fine lines, and other wrinkles under the eyes.

Use Peptides for Treating Deep Wrinkles Under Eyes

You may have heard of peptides as they are being talked about more and more in the skincare industry. There are different types of peptides, and basically, peptides are chains of amino acids that make up the skin’s protein – which is collagen.

When collagen breaks down, tiny segments of amino acids are created. These segments are the active molecules known as peptides. Peptides in skincare can provide significant anti-aging benefits.

When they are in a short chain of amino acids, they are able to dive deep into the skin to send signals to our skin to let them know how to function. So look for products that contain peptides, such as the Iluma powder mentioned earlier.

Use Hyaluronic Acid for Treating Deep Wrinkles Under Eyes

The other thing is you can use a humectant – which are ingredients that bind or attract moisture from the air and binds it to your skin. This is especially important if you live in a very arid climate like in Southern California, Arizona, or New Mexico.

It’s very important to bring moisture to your skin. What is unique about hyaluronic acid is, first of all, it is an ingredient that we naturally make in our bodies. However, as we age, we make less of it.

It’s a lubricant for our joints, around our organs, and also in the discs in between our vertebrae. Our skin doesn’t react negatively to this substance, and it doesn’t cause breakouts. One molecule holds up to a thousand times its weight in water.

If you use it around your eyes, it helps plump up your eyes, especially if you have sunken eyes or under-eye circles. I recently did a post on my favorite eye gel, which has hyaluronic in it.

Check out this great video on hyaluronic acid and its benefits:

Tips to Fight the Aging Effects on Your Skin

If you are in your 20s, the easiest way to delay the aging effects of your skin is to start earlier. You can start targeting the breakdown of collagen and elastin that eventually shows up when you are older. If you haven’t started, ladies and gents, you might want to start addressing this now.

To recap everything we have discussed, these are the things that you need to focus on for anti-aging tips:

  1. For the wrinkles around your eyes, the first one is to use sunscreen every day. If you can find one with antioxidants such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, or Niacinamide, it’s much better. Not only does it help to block the UV rays but it also neutralizes the free radicals that eventually break down the collagen and elastin.
  2. If you can’t find a sunscreen that has antioxidants in it, then use a serum that neutralizes the free radicals that creates the damage.
  3. Find serums or creams that have peptides. Powerful anti-aging peptides help your skin create new collagen and elastin and prevent the existing collagen and elastin from breaking down.
  4. Find serums or creams that have Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic acid attracts moisture from the air and binds it to your skin making it plump up the skin around your eyes and help treat those wrinkles under the eyes.

Ultimately, those are the main ingredients that you want to look for in order to achieve flawless, younger-looking skin.

Conclusion – How to Get Rid of Deep Wrinkles Under Eyes?

To recap, how to get rid of deep wrinkles under eyes?

To get rid of deep eye wrinkles, you should use a product that contains hyaluronic acid or peptides. Peptides help to boost collagen production. Hyaluronic acid attracts and locks in moisture to your skin. Using these ingredients will help minimize your deep wrinkles and fine lines under your eyes.

Related Questions

What causes deep wrinkles under eyes? There are many causes for wrinkles under the eyes, not just age. These causes include:

  • Sun damage
  • Squinting
  • Surgery
  • Facial expressions
  • Smoking
  • Acne

Does laser work for under eye wrinkles? Laser eye treatments are effective against under eye wrinkles. They also target:

  • Smile lines
  • Eye bags
  • Sun damage
  • Dark circles

Does Retin-A get rid of under-eye wrinkles? Retin-A does reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. However, it can be irritating to the skin around your eyes. So use just a tiny bit and no more than 3 times a week to avoid irritation.