How Long Does Biofreeze Last on Skin?

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One of the quickest ways to relieve muscle or joint pain is to apply Biofreeze to the painful areas. Right after you’ve applied it to your skin, you will feel its soothing effects almost instantly. But how long will its pain-killing effect last? How long does Biofreeze last on skin?

The painkilling powers of Biofreeze will last about 3 hours on your skin. After you apply Biofreeze on your skin, it will relieve the pain caused by sore and tightened muscles or joint pains due to arthritis.

This will give you enough time to go on with whatever you are doing before the painkilling power of Biofreeze wears out. Hopefully, your muscles and joints should have already recovered during these three hours to enable you to function normally again.

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Read on to learn more about Biofreeze as well as how long it lasts on the skin, and its benefits.

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How Long Does Biofreeze Last on the Skin?

When you apply Biofreeze on your skin, its painkilling effects will last 3 hours. This is the claim of its manufacturer regarding the maximum length of time the analgesic effects will last. After you have applied it, the pain that you are feeling on that part of your body will vanish – for at least 3 hours.

The maker of Biofreeze also claims that you can feel its pain-numbing effects twice as fast as other brands of oral and topical analgesics. This is due to its special proprietary formula, which enables its ingredients to deliver the painkilling effects on the skin faster.

Traditionally, ice is used to reduce the swelling of distressed skin. But it does not do away with the pain. Biofreeze does both. It reduces the swelling of the skin, and it also relieves the pain. Biofreeze also provides relief nearly instantly.

This topical analgesic has a menthol-based formula that provides a fast and powerful painkilling effect when you apply it directly to your skin. You feel pain when your receptors are sending signals coming from your spine to your brain.

But when you introduce menthol, which has a cooling effect, it will stimulate your receptors to block those pain signals so that you won’t feel the pain.

In other words, the menthol component of Biofreeze is able to stimulate your cold receptors, which will then create a cooling effect on and under your skin.

This will alleviate the pain that you are feeling. Biofreeze has the exact formula that optimizes the painkilling effects, which can last for up to 3 hours.

What Is Biofreeze and Its Benefits?

how long does biofreeze work for
Biofreeze roll-on, spray, and gel

Biofreeze is the brand name of a pain-relieving substance that is manufactured by G.R. Lane Health Products, Ltd. Actually, this is the brand name of several products that contain this type of menthol. The most popular of these products is the topical analgesic, which is applied directly to the skin.

This product is primarily used to treat or relieve the pain caused by sore muscles, joint pain, arthritis, and sports injuries. Other uses of Biofreeze include treating or relieving pain due to stiffness, backache, bruises, twisted ankles, and sprains.

The main action of this painkiller is to provide a cooling sensation in the area where it is applied. The cooling effect provided by the substance replaces the feeling of pain. Biofreeze provides this cooling effect through a special herb that comes from Paraguay in South America.

This herb is called Ilex paraguariensis. It is a holly shrub that was used by the native Indians in Paraguay to improve their folk medicines. This shrub also provides a cooling effect on the skin where it is applied. It gives a cooling sensation that is similar to the feeling provided by an ice pack.

If you apply Biofreeze on your distressed skin, you stand to gain a number of benefits. The primary benefit of using this analgesic is pain relief.

Even if you are injured or sick, you will not feel the pain that is caused by the injury or your illness. You will be able to function normally despite your sickness or injury.  

If you are an athlete, Biofreeze will enable you to continue training and participating in your type of sports even if you have suffered a minor injury. The pain that you are feeling will be eliminated by the painkilling power of Biofreeze, and you will perform as if you don’t have an injury.

For ordinary people, Biofreeze will enable them to go about their daily chores and activities even if they have sprained or twisted their ankles or suffered minor injuries that might cause them to feel pain and force them to be inactive.

Those afflicted with arthritis will find Biofreeze very helpful. They will not be hampered by the pain in their joints, and they will be able to move around without so much restriction. This pain reliever will help them function as normally as possible.

Another benefit of using Biofreeze is that you can apply it topically. That means you can apply it in the exact spot on your skin where you are feeling the pain.

Unlike oral analgesics, which take time to take effect, Biofreeze will immediately act on the pain in the area where you have applied it. That means instant pain relief. 

Furthermore, there are oral analgesics that will prohibit you from eating or drinking certain foods or drinks because these may interfere with the ability of the painkillers to do their job. There are no such restrictions in Biofreeze since you will only apply it topically.

A third benefit of using Biofreeze is that you can use it to relax your muscles after a rigorous exercise or while you are having a massage. In other words, you can also use this analgesic even if you are not injured.

Applying Biofreeze while you are having a massage will enhance your sensations and relaxing experience. The light essence or smell of Biofreeze makes this possible.

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Biofreeze – The Right Dosage

Biofreeze is available in gel form, spray, and roll-on. It is composed of 3 to 13 percent menthol. The actual menthol component depends on the product type. Whether you use it in gel, spray, or roll-on, a thin film of this analgesic is just what you need to apply on your skin, and they all last about 3 hours on the skin. Apply it over the part of your body or joints where you are feeling pain. You can apply it as much as four times a day.

Biofreeze – Overdose

Avoid exposure to heat and too much exercise because an excessive amount of the active ingredients of Biofreeze will enter your body. Overusing this painkiller is also detrimental to your skin. The moment you feel pain after you have applied Biofreeze or if you notice any blisters or burns developing after applying it, seek medical intervention as soon as possible.

Biofreeze is only for topical applications. It is never meant to be ingested orally. In case of accidental ingestion, seek immediate medical attention.

Biofreeze – Missing a Dose

As a general rule, you should follow the instructions of your medical provider as to how and when you should apply Biofreeze on your skin. As it is, this analgesic is only applied if it is necessary. Since it is only used when necessary, there is no chance for you to have an overdose.

How Does Biofreeze Work?

Biofreeze on skin
Nerve Fibers: A-Delta and C Fiber

As a topical analgesic, Biofreeze works through a counter-irritant system. This painkiller contains Isopropyl Alcohol that develops a sensation that will override the pain signals that are directed to the brain.

This system is called Gate Control Theory. You feel pain when your receptors deliver a signal from your spine to your brain. Menthol produces cold sensations, which induce your receptors to block those pain signals. Thus, you feel pain relief. Current studies also revealed that Isopropyl Alcohol seems to incite cold receptors in the skin that can also assist in regulating pain.

This property makes Biofreeze a type of cryotherapy or cold therapy. The active ingredient in this analgesic is menthol. This component causes the brain to interpret the nerve signals as cold sensations, thereby reducing the inflammation of the skin.

Biofreeze induces the ligand molecules to stick to the cold receptors of your nerves. This will numb the skin area where the painkiller is applied and will interfere in the travel of the pain signals to the brain. As mentioned earlier, the sensation lasts for about 3 hours after applying Biofreeze on the skin.

The menthol component of Biofreeze causes vasodilation or widening of the blood vessels. This helps to increase the blood flow to the affected area, which then allows cellular waste products to be carried away and eliminated effectively and faster. This also helps your system deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the injured area so that it can heal faster. 

Aside from menthol, Biofreeze also contains other herbal components that can reduce and eliminate pain.

These other ingredients are Yerba (also called Ilex Paraguarensis), Green Tea, Calendula, Boswellia, Lemon Balm, Arnica, Aloe, Camphor, and Vitamin E. Many cultures all over the world have been using these components for centuries for their antiseptic properties and their numbing effects. They were used to treat sprains, bruises, and muscle strains.

The below video goes into greater detail about Biofreeze including how long it lasts on the skin and how it works:

Biofreeze Warnings

There are certain conditions where you can’t use Biofreeze. You need to know these conditions since the effects of this painkiller last for 3 hours. First off, if you are pregnant or you are nursing a baby, you are advised to consult your medical provider before using Biofreeze. This painkiller has not been tested on nursing and pregnant women.

Additionally, if you have sensitive skin, ask your doctor’s approval before using Biofreeze. You are also advised not to apply Biofreeze on an open wound or irritated skin.

Don’t put a heating pad, a lamp, a hot bottle over the skin area where you have applied Biofreeze because it will cause blisters on your skin.

Side Effects of Biofreeze

Since Biofreeze is a type of medication, if you take it, you can expect to experience some of its unwanted side effects. It is, therefore, wise for you to keep tabs on these side effects so that you won’t get caught. Here are some of the side effects of this painkiller.

The first things you need to watch out for after you have applied Biofreeze are skin irritation and increased sensitivity of the skin in the affected area. After you have applied this painkiller, you may feel a stinging or burning feeling on your skin. Oftentimes, this feeling will subside after a few days.

Since Biofreeze is classified as a drug, it will induce signs of an allergic reaction for some people. These reactions could include itching, swelling, rashes, redness, peeling, and blistering of the skin.

Applying this painkiller on your skin could also result in tightness in your throat or chest, difficulty swallowing or breathing, and hoarseness. You could also experience swelling of your lips, mouth, throat, tongue, and face.

Biofreeze Interactions

Before applying Biofreeze on your skin, it’s best to inform your medical provider about the medications that you are currently taking. The types of medications that you need to clear with your doctor include over-the-counter medications, dietary supplements such as vitamins, protein powders, energy drinks and shakes, recreational drugs, and herbal remedies.

How to Properly Apply Biofreeze

You need to use Biofreeze correctly if you want to get the most from it. Apply just the right amount of gel or roll-on or spray of Biofreeze in the affected area. Don’t use too much of the substance to cover that particular area.

After that, massage the gel into your skin. You could also heat up the affected skin area before applying Biofreeze. Some have found that this method enhances the cooling effect of Biofreeze. You can do this by showering the affected area with warm water, drying it, and applying Biofreeze.

If you apply it in this manner, the cooling effect of Biofreeze is enhanced, your muscles will be more relaxed, and you’ll get the most benefits for the estimated 3 hours it stays on your skin.

Conclusion – How Long Does Biofreeze Last on Skin?

So to recap, how long does Biofreeze last on skin? And what are the benefits of Biofreeze? If you want quick relief from muscle or joint pains, you need to apply Biofreeze on the skin covering the affected area.

Doing so will eliminate the pain for at least the next 3 hours. That’s enough time for your system to recover and enable you to be your normal self again. 

Bio freeze relaxes the muscles and relieves pain better than many other treatments. Just ensure to apply it in the correct manner and watch for any side effects in case you have an allergic reaction.