How Much Water to Drink in a Day for Glowing Skin?

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We’ve all heard from healthcare experts, doctors, and even celebrities to drink plenty of water every day. But how much water is necessary each day? More specifically, how much water do we drink in a day for glowing skin?

Most health experts say that at least eight 200 ml glasses of water daily is required. We need water to be healthy because it is crucial to the vital organs and our body’s circulation, digestion, absorption, and expelling of impurities.

Also, the skin is the biggest organ – made up of cells that are made of water – so it will not function properly without water.

Endless claims have been made that drinking lots of water can give you healthy and glowing skin, but there are others that challenge these claims.

What is certain is that if your skin is not properly hydrated, there will be dryness, tightness, flakiness, and you will be more prone to getting lines and wrinkles.

Read on to learn how much water to drink in a day for glowing skin, as well as the relationship between drinking water and beautiful skin.

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How Much Water to Drink in a Day for Glowing Skin?

Your dietician, nutritionist, family doctor, and even favorite Hollywood celebrities might have different things to say about how much water to drink in a day for glowing skin. All these voices can be confusing, so I understand you completely.

While there may not be one solid prescription as to the right amount of water that we should drink – similar to following exact measurements when baking – most expert opinions are inclined to believe that eight glasses of water a day are what we need at the very least to stay hydrated.

What About Glowing Skin?

Well, this is where it gets interesting. Drinking eight glasses of 200ml water on a daily basis alone does not automatically guarantee that you’ll achieve that much-desired glow because there are other factors that come into play like your age, gender, skin type, lifestyle, diet, skincare routine (if any), and even the season/weather.

However, staying properly hydrated by drinking at least eight glasses of 200 ml of water each day is a great start to have that radiant skin.

Is There a Best Time to Drink Water?

how much water to drink in a day for glowing skin
Drink around 8 glasses of water each day for glowing skin

The optimum effects on the body of drinking water can be achieved at particular moments of the day – not merely at one specific time.

Drink water at the following times for best results and to maintain glowing skin:

  • Early morning. Overnight we lose water while we sleep and become more dehydrated, so drink water when you first wake up.
  • Before you even get thirsty. Thirst is a sign of dehydration.
  • Any time during the day – before or after meals
  • Take water when eating dry food to aid in swallowing and digestion

How to Drink More Water Each Day

I completely understand if there are people who find drinking plain water quite boring. But there are ways to make it more interesting so that you drink more water each day for glowing skin:

  • Mix your favorite flavor – throw in some of your favorite fruit slices like orange, lemon or watermelon in a pitcher of water and let the fruits sit for a while for the flavors to blend in.
  • Amp up the spices – eating spicy dish will make you gulp a lot of water in no time
  • Keep your drinking container close by – you won’t have an excuse if you have your water bottle or glass right beside you wherever you are.
  • Munch on your water – sounds weird? Well, we’re just saying that there are plenty of fruits, veggies, and dishes rich in water that you can eat to supplement hydration. For example, you can enjoy a nice warm soup or broth, eat some cucumbers, celery, melons, and other juicy but healthy food sources.
  • Treat it as a guilt-free appetizer – as we’ll tell you, later on, water is said to help you eat less before a major meal. Knowing that this can do wonders to your diet and ultimately to your weight should be motivation enough to drink more water.

One of my favorite ways to drink more water is to have my water bottle nearby at all times. Also, use a water bottle that you like.

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Also, remember to drink only clean, purified, filter water so as to limit your intake of toxins, fluoride, mercury, choline, and other contaminants in water.

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Benefits of Drinking Enough Water, Including Glowing Skin

The human body, which is made up of over 60% water [2], needs water more than food. In fact, human beings cannot last four days without water! And since we expel water from our body through sweat and urine, we constantly lose our supply on a daily basis and need to replenish it.

Not having enough water in our system – dehydration – is a serious matter that can lead to death in the worst cases.

We’ve said earlier that drinking lots of water benefits our organs (skin included) and internal processes like digestion, absorption, excretion, but beyond these, let’s look at the other benefits:

  • Healthy, Glowing Skin – perhaps this is one of the, if not the most obvious benefit of drinking lots of water and staying hydrated. Water therapy serves as your internal foundation for healthy and well-hydrated skin to help it maintain its radiance and elasticity.

Of course, externally, you need to supplement this with a serious skincare routine that involves regular cleansing, toning, moisturizing, and shielding your skin from harmful UV rays.

  • Weight Loss –  plenty of research and claims have been made for some time now correlating drinking of water with weight loss, specifically through increased metabolism and curbed appetite. One thing common is the fact that making a habit of drinking at least a full glass of water before having a meal will help you lose weight in the long run as you’ll tend to eat less and consume fewer calories. This is especially effective when partnered with a balanced diet.
  • Boost Energy Level – studies have also been done to show that mild dehydration caused by water loss and not drinking enough water can deplete your energy. One classic example is if you don’t drink water or other fluids after exercising. A reduced energy level can result in a feeling of lethargy and tiredness.
  • Proper Brain Functioning – many studies have shown that if you’re somewhat dehydrated, your brain is said to not function at its best. As a result, you tend to lose focus and concentration, and your mood is bound to suffer as well.
  • Prevention of Other Health Problems – drinking lots of water helps you to stay away from constipation, thereby allowing you to expel toxins effortlessly.

Worth noting is the claim that drinking more water can reduce the risk of developing kidney stones and colorectal and bladder cancer. However, to strengthen the correlation between water and these conditions, there is a need for more studies.

For more insight into how much water to drink each day for glowing skin, see the below video from Dr. David Coun of the Mount Sinai Health Center:

Other Ways to Achieve and Maintain Glowing Skin

We’ve already said that it’s not a simple case of knowing how much water to drink in a day for glowing skin. Sure, it’s an essential factor to skincare, but there are other things that you need to do, and avoid doing as well, to help you get that radiant glow:

  1. Sleep with a well-cleaned and hydrated face. This means removing any makeup or cleaning your face with a mild cleanser, putting some toner, and moisturizing before going to bed.
  2. Get enough rest and sleep. At night, our skin performs most of its repairing and regenerating.
  3. Cleanse your face as you wake up and don’t forget to put on sunscreen before stepping out of the house.
  4. Eat a well-balanced meal.
  5. Stay away from alcohol and smoke because of their damaging toxins.
  6. Chill, and don’t let yourself get stressed no matter what. You can do this by always staying calm and positive.

Conclusion – How Much Water to Drink in a Day for Glowing Skin?

How much water to drink in a day for glowing skin? There have always been varying opinions and seemingly endless debates around this topic.

However, most healthcare professionals, nutrition experts, and doctors tend to agree that drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is one essential ticket to good health because, after all, our bodies – our organs, specifically, are made up mostly of water and need as much as they can get to function properly.

Our skin, being the biggest organ, naturally needs a lot of it to stay healthy.

Drinking at least eight glasses of 200 ml water alone does not necessarily guarantee that you’ll immediately have glowing skin because other things are involved as well, such as your skin type, skincare routine, gender, lifestyle, diet, age, and the weather/season.

But we must trust the experts when they say that we need to drink water at least in this quantity to satisfy our body’s needs, and not just because we want glowing skin. Always staying hydrated is key to healthy and glowing skin – and a healthy you.