Is Castile Soap Safe for Sensitive Skin?

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You may have seen or heard of castile soap as it is growing in popularity these days. Regular soap is often not recommended for sensitive skin due to its harsh ingredients, but is castile soap a good alternative? 

Is castile soap safe for sensitive skin? Castile soap is safe for sensitive skin as it is made from natural, environment-friendly, and skin-safe plant oils. In the past, soap was purer, with fewer ingredients added. Now, there are many soaps with added toxins and harsh ingredients. A great alternative is to go back to the old and more natural way with castile soap.

Read on to learn more about castile soap and if it is safe for sensitive skin.

What Is Castile Soap?

Castile soap is a non-harmful, biodegradable cleanser customarily produced using olive oil. However, other versions of castile soap contain hemp, avocado, or coconut oil. It cleans and foams up like most regular soaps, yet with more soothing properties that are perfect for sensitive skin.

Castile soap is, in all likelihood, the nearest to the first soap ever made. The classy and glamorous Cleopatra requested a superior method to wash by utilizing oil from plants and plant ash.

At some point after the Crusades, this style of oil-based cleanser advanced in Europe. One province in Spain, known as Castile, made an olive oil version of soap, which became famous. We now call this soap Castile soap. 

Is Castile Soap Safe for Sensitive Skin?

Yes, definitely! Castile soap is safe for sensitive skin since it is made from natural plant oils. Castile soap is an excellent choice if you’ve been avoiding synthetic soaps.

A lot of these soaps have ingredients you can’t even pronounce, making it hard for people with sensitive skin to know if they will have a reaction or not. The only way to know is for them to try it, and when they do, they usually have breakouts.

Most store-bought soaps also tend to leave your skin feeling dry after cleansing. With Castile soap, you get a deep clean plus all the proper nutrients found from natural ingredients.

You also eliminate harmful bacteria by using this soap since it has oleuropein, which is a compound with strong antibacterial properties.

Castile soap is so safe for sensitive skin; even babies can use it! It’s gentle enough for babies and young children, so it’s going to be good for you too. With simple, natural ingredients, it’s hard to go wrong with Castile soap.

Benefits of Castile Soap

safety of castile soap for sensitive skin

There are plenty of Castile soap benefits for everyone with or without sensitive skin. Since this soap is made of natural ingredients (plant-based oils), your skin gets a deep yet nourishing clean. Let’s look at the benefits of using castile soap:

1. You Get an All-Natural Clean

What makes Castile soap a cut above the rest is that it is an all-natural and chemical-free soap. Compared to soaps you can buy in stores, Castile soaps do not have any toxic sulfates, which other store-bought soaps contain.

2. Ideal for Sensitive Skin

Castile soap is ideal even for the most sensitive skin. Since it is made from all-natural, safe, and pure plant oils, it is safe for all skin types. If you’ve had a tough time searching for the right soap for your skin, look no further than Castile soap!

3. Ideal for Acne-prone and Oily Skin Types

Castile soap is not only good for sensitive skin since it also works great for acne-prone and oily skin types. The plant oils in Castile soap have antibacterial properties that clean your skin without dryness and irritation.

4. Ideal for Dry and Irritated Skin

Most store-bought soaps state that you should not use the product when your skin is irritated and dry. However, it’s the total opposite when using Castile soap. This soap helps soothe dry and irritated skin since it is made of natural plant oils.

5. Relieves Eczema, Psoriasis, and Other Skin Conditions

Olive oil contains oleocanthal, which is an anti-inflammatory compound. For this reason, Castile soap helps alleviate skin inflammation, making it ideal to use for people who suffer from eczema, psoriasis, and other skin conditions.

6. It Does Not Clog Up Pores

Castile soap made from olive oil does not clog up your skin pores. It helps your skin breathe and naturally shed dead skin cells, protecting your skin from blackhead and acne formation.

7. Naturally Moisturizing

If you use Castile soap regularly, you may notice that your skin is softer and more moisturized. The reason is that Castile soaps retain their glycerin content. 

Glycerin is a byproduct of making oil-based soaps. This byproduct absorbs water from the surrounding air, helping to keep your skin moisturized.

8. Natural Anti-aging Properties

Vitamins A and E are found in olive oil, as well as other antioxidants. These vitamins help in delaying the signs of aging, such as wrinkles and skin cell degeneration. The good news is that you’ll enjoy all of these benefits when you use Castile soap.

Best Castile Soaps for Sensitive Skin

As with any other product, the more natural and purer it is, the better for sensitive skin. Since true Castile soaps are 100% pure, it is the best version there is. It’s all right for Castile soap to have other ingredients, but you need to know what these other ingredients are.

The best Castile soaps for sensitive skin are those that have added ingredients, such as plant extracts, hemp oil, and jojoba oil, among others. Stay away from soaps that have artificial colors and fragrances, including hidden toxins, which will irritate sensitive skin.

Unfortunately, some people make soap from olive oil but add a lot of chemicals and other products to it, and still call it Castile soap!

Which Castile Soap Should You Choose: Liquid or Bar?

Castile soaps come in solid bars and liquid form. Both types of Castile soap are generally the same, and neither type is better than the other. So which type should you choose? Well, it depends on your personal preference. The only difference with the liquid form is that it tends to be a bit on the thin and watery side.

You shouldn’t worry, though; if you choose a quality Castile soap brand that’s 100% pure. It just gives that watery feeling because we’re all used to how commercial soaps lather. Regular bath soaps loaded with fillers often give that lathery feeling that you won’t get from Castile soaps.

For Castile soap in bar form, you should check out Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Bar Soap.

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It is available as a pack of seven bar soaps, which are made with fair trade ingredients and organic oils. One pack contains the following bar soaps:

  • All-One Hemp Citrus 5 oz.
  • All-One Hemp Eucalyptus 5 oz.
  • All-One Hemp Rose 5 oz.
  • All-One Hemp Almond 5 oz.
  • All-One Hemp Baby Unscented 5 oz.
  • All-One Hemp Lavender 5 oz.
  • All-One Hemp Peppermint 5 oz.

When it comes to Castile soap in liquid form, you should also check out Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Soap Ultimate Rainbow 6 Variety Pack.

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This pack has six different types of Castile soap in liquid form, which includes:

  • 18-In-1 Hemp Peppermint 32 fl. oz.
  • 18-IN-1 Hemp Eucalyptus 32 fl. oz.
  • 18-IN-1 Hemp Lavender 32 fl. oz.
  • 18-IN-1 Hemp Citrus 32 fl. oz.
  • 18-IN-1 Hemp Tea Tree 32 fl. oz.
  • 18-IN-1 Hemp Almond 32 fl. oz.

The liquid form is ideal if you want to make detergents, window cleaners, plant sprays, pet shampoos, and even dish soaps.

Other Ways You Can Use Castile Soap

castile soap for sensitive skin

There are other ways you can use Castile soap in addition to using it on your skin. Thanks to its natural ingredients, this soap can be used in many different ways and can also be mixed with different ingredients to create natural substitutes for products you regularly use at home.

One of the things you should note about using Castile soap is that you just need a little bit of it. You don’t need a lot since Castile soap is always concentrated.

1. Baby Wash

If you’re searching for a safe but effective baby wash for your child, look no further than Castile soap. Since it’s made from natural ingredients and free from chemicals, it’s the best and safest way to bathe your baby.

2. Dish Soap

You’ll find plenty of recipes online using Castile soap plus other ingredients to make an all-natural dish soap. The most common ingredients added to Castile soap to make an all-natural dish soap are vinegar, essential oils, and water.

3. Laundry Detergent

Using Castile soap to wash clothes will help people with sensitive skin. To make laundry detergent, you’ll need liquid Castile soap, water, salt, baking soda, and essential oils to add scent.

4. Toilet Cleaner

If you’ve been looking for an all-natural toilet cleaner, simply combine Castile soap, baking soda, water, and essential oils. Baking soda acts as an abrasive cleaner, which effectively scrubs away stains. 

Castile soap and essential oils both have antibacterial and antiseptic properties, making their combination more effective in fighting harmful microorganisms. 

5. Makeup Brush Cleaner

Another creative way you can use Castile soap is to use it as your makeup brush cleaner. It’s also straightforward to use. 


  1. First, you just need to wet the bristles of your makeup brush with warm water. 
  2. Put a drop of liquid Castile soap in your palm and then swirl the brush around until you see the color and makeup residue coming off. 
  3. Rinse the brush and brush it across a towel to check if it’s thoroughly clean. If not, just repeat the steps above. 
  4. If it’s already clean, allow your brushes to dry, and you’re done!

Other ways you can use Castile soap at home include using it as a window cleaner, natural shampoo for your pets, and so much more!

You can add essential oils of your choice to achieve the scent of your choice, aside from boosting Castile soap’s natural antibacterial properties. Adding essential oils to Castile soaps is also useful if you have the unscented ones.

Most ingredients to create homemade products using Castile soap are often found in your home already. These ingredients include honey, baking soda, and salt, among others.

Be sure to put your DIY cleaning solutions in separate containers and use them as soon as possible. Whenever you add other ingredients to Castile soap, it shortens its shelf life, so you need to use it within a few weeks.

Conclusion – Is Castile Soap Safe for Sensitive Skin?

It can be difficult to find an all-natural product that can compete with Castile soap. It’s all-natural and does not have any harsh ingredients or chemicals added to it.

So, is Castile soap safe for sensitive skin? Castile soap is safe for sensitive skin as it is made from natural, pure, skin-safe plant oils.

Castile soap is also safe for all skin types–so safe that you can even use it to wash your baby’s skin. Moreover, Castile soap is versatile enough to be used not only on the skin but all over the house as well. 

Using Castile soap is an excellent way to naturally clean your house and wash your skin without using commercial products that contain harsh chemicals.