Is Elemis Skincare Worth the Money?

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If you’ve been using any of Elemis’ skincare products for some time now or are thinking of trying out the brand, then you must be aware that Elemis’ price range doesn’t come cheap, particularly for those who couldn’t care less about what they use on their skin.

But if you’re someone who does care and is open to investing in the name of skin health and anti-aging, then Elemis might very well have all the things you’re looking for in a beauty line. Is Elemis Skincare worth the money?

According to skincare and beauty experts and bloggers, including those sites that have reviewed Elemis products, Elemis skincare is worth the money.

Their products offer anti-aging and skin-improving benefits that you simply cannot get from other products. They help women of a certain age look younger, which can greatly increase their overall health and wellbeing.

We don’t read or hear about these users complaining about the price; in fact, they seem happy with what they’ve ‘seen’ and ‘felt’ after using the Elemis product that they’ve purchased.

Many customers also gift their loved ones and friends with Elemis based on the results they got from the products. is not sponsored by Elemis; we are just big fans of the products and the results they have produced. I have seen results from my clients who use Elemis and hear their praise.

I also use several of the products myself, which I will discuss later.

Continue reading to know more about Elemis products and if they’re worth your money. We’ll also include our top Elemis picks.

Also, for an excellent cleansing balm, take a look at our top pick, the ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm:

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Is Elemis Skincare Worth the Money?

Whether they’re short of twenty bucks or some hundred dollars, skincare products like cleansers, toners, and moisturizers usually do not have to cost a lot for most people.

And while premium beauty brand Elemis may not exactly be budget-friendly for those who will only spend on simple lotions and sunscreens found in local stores, it promises to give its user value for money.

The Elemis skincare line is worth the money when you take into account the positive results that it brings to its users.

From simple maintenance of great-looking skin to remarkable age-defying solutions, Elemis is worth every penny if you think about what it does to your skin health and self-confidence.

Indeed, it becomes money well-spent when you see for yourself as you look in the mirror the amazing difference that Elemis does to your skin that you don’t easily achieve by using other commercially known skincare products.

Get to Know Elemis Skincare

It all started with entrepreneur Linda Steiner’s dream of formulating a retail range that she said should be as ‘near to nature as possible with no expense spared.’

Together with educator and therapist Noella Gabriel and Sean Harrington, who would become the CEO, the three founded Elemis in 1990 in London.

Aside from Elemis’ personal skincare products, the company has also broken boundaries by pursuing a wider range of creations for professional spas and salons while being guided by innovative product research, design, packaging, and marketing.

Fast forward three decades later, popular French skincare brand L’Occitane acquired Elemis but retained its legacy brand name.

The merger is mutually beneficial to both brands as it will allow Elemis to capitalize on L’Occitance’s wider geographical presence and strong brand name, while L’Occitane will further enhance its vast distribution network product categories.

Elemis’ story is summed up into this statement: “Defined by nature. Led by science.” To do this, their philosophy is hinged on four things:

  • Pure results – creating products for personal skin care and lifestyle needs that have been proven scientifically.
  • Sources from Nature – utilizing biological actives from the earth’s surface that work hand-in-hand with blended aromatics.
  • Innovation – using only cutting-edge technology and science in its ground-breaking formulations.
  • Always Evolving – seeking to never stop understanding how nature and humanity are related, making their approach personalized.

The Ingredients Elemis Uses

Elemis declares that they collaborate with award-winning British growers to obtain only the best ingredients – natural oils, extracts, and other ingredients.

They also support a variety of British oilseed plants such as Echium, Camelina, and Borage, which, in turn, helps in sustaining honey bees.

So they only use natural and high-quality ingredients to come up with highly effective skincare and anti-aging formulations. These formulations are put together so as to produce your desired results.

On their website, you’ll be astounded by the roster of botanical and natural ingredients – plant sources – being used by Elemis, literally from A to Z. As a result, they have over 254 different crops from where they derive or extract their ingredients.

If this is not natural enough for you, then we don’t know what is!

Our Top 5 Elemis Skincare Products That Are Worth the Money

is elemis skincare worth it

I’ll now list our top 5 Elemis Skincare products that are worth the money. I’m sure that all of them will impress you enough to want to try.

I have tried all of these products, with the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm being my absolute favorite. It makes my skin look renewed, younger, softer, and just overall much better when I use it.

If you’re wondering Is Elemis skincare worth the money, you can be sure that these products will give you results that make it worth every penny.

Take a look at these great choices for your next skincare and beauty investment. Here are our top 5 Elemis skincare products that are worth the money:

  1. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Super Cleansing Treatment Balm
  2. ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Smoothing Night Cream
  3. ELEMIS BIOTEC Skin Energizing Skin Care System
  4. ELEMIS Pro-Definition Facial Oil for Mature Skin
  5. ELEMIS Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

1. ELEMIS Pro-Collagen Super Cleansing Treatment Balm

The Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm and Treatment on Amazon is a potent mix of Luxurious Rose, and Mimosa waxes, nourishing Starflower, Elderberry, OptimegaTM oils, and anti-aging algae called Padina Pavonica – all working to provide a deep-cleansing balm.

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It removes dirt and grime gently yet effectively while doing so much more.

What you get is skin that’s nourished, renewed, radiant, and soft, making it appear and feel younger-looking.

Over 93% of its users, based on a consumer survey, reported that they felt their skin became well-cleaned, softer, smoother, and better-looking after every use. In about 1 week of daily use, you’ll realize why this balm is worth the money.

2. ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Smoothing Night Cream

The ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Skin Smoothing Night Cream on Amazon is formulated with tri-enzyme technology to work on resurfacing the skin.

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A lipid complex with anti-oxidation effects brings back the skin’s lost or depleted nourishment and clarity. Other ingredients like amino acids serve to target lines and wrinkles.

This night cream activates the skin’s natural cell renewal cycle, making the skin smooth as you get your good night’s sleep.

3. ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream

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ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream, fortified with SPF30, harnesses the power of Elemis’ Tri-Enzyme technology, a patented catalyst for gentle skin resurfacing. This innovative formula works to renew and smooth the skin, visibly reducing signs of aging.

With regular use, the complexion appears naturally smoother, and the overall texture of the skin is improved. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply this day cream every morning to cleansed skin as part of the Dynamic Resurfacing program.

Experience the benefits of skin renewal, smoothing, and hydration with ELEMIS Dynamic Resurfacing Day Cream.

4. ELEMIS Pro-Definition Facial Oil for Mature Skin

With just 3-4 drops of ELEMIS Pro-Definition Facial Oil for Mature Skin on Amazon on your face and neck, massaging it on the area daily, you’re on your way to improving any thinning and sagging skin brought about by the aging process.

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This powerful facial oil is great for those whose skin is lacking density due to age, helping improve the structural appearance of heavy jowls, folds around the mouth under the nose, drooping chin skin, and other related problem areas.

5. ELEMIS Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm

The ELEMIS Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm contains a powerful vitamin complex that protects the skin against dryness or moisture loss. Meanwhile, its Acai, Noni, and Purple Orchid work together to fight against the early signs of aging.

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Your reward for using the product regularly is skin that’s brighter, smoother, and well-moisturized, with a dewy luminosity.

With its promised results, it’s no wonder then that this product received the “Best Premium Radiance Cream’ from Notebook in 2013. This Elemis product is one of their more affordable ones. It is certainly worth the money as your skin is not just hydrated and looks much more radiant.

Conclusion: Is Elemis Skincare Worth the Money?

Elemis skincare has built its reputation of being the leading skincare brand in the U.K., and they can compete side-by-side with other reputable high-end brands quite easily.

The same reputation and brand promise are what attracted French skincare giant L’Occitane to acquire Elemis in early 2019. And today, more than ever, Elemis continues to excel in the industry, not only in Europe but also in the US.

But is Elemis Skincare worth the money? If you take your skin health and overall wellbeing seriously, Elemis is worth the money that you spend on your skincare regimen.

This is backed by testimonials and blogs coming from satisfied Elemis users and skincare authorities. There are much more expensive skincare brands out there, and Elemis is an investment worth making, in my opinion, for the results they deliver.

With any high-end product like Elemis, a little goes a long way. Use just a dime-sized amount, or less, like for the eye cream, and a jar or tube can last a very long time.

If you’re someone who’s delighted with the outcome of the products you’re using, you will find Elemis skincare products to be worth it.

From what we’ve seen from others and our own experience, Elemis keeps on delighting users with the promise that they make sure to deliver – healthy, youthful-looking skin!