Why Do Some People Have Very Clear Skin? 7 Factors

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It’s frustrating if you know someone who eats junk food all the time and doesn’t exercise but has very clear skin. I have known many of these people before, and it seems unfair. Why are there such great differences in our skin quality?

Why do some people have very clear skin? There are many different factors that lead people to have very clear skin. 7 of these factors are as follows:

  1. Lucky Genetics
  2. Proper Skincare
  3. Proper Diet
  4. Proper Sleep
  5. Exercise
  6. Drinking Enough Water
  7. Proper Stress Management

The first factor, like many things to do with health and appearance, is lucky genetics – if you were born with clear skin. But even if you don’t have great genetics, you can still have clear skin if you follow the other factors.

Read on to find out more about why some people have very clear skin, including the 7 factors that lead to clear, glowing skin.

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Why Do Some People Have Very Clear Skin? 7 Factors

how to get clear skin

1. Lucky Genetics 

One of the reasons why there are some who have very clear skin is because of their lucky genes. The DNA dictates one’s physiological makeup, including one’s skin condition.

There are some who were simply born having great, clear skin. If your parents or one of their parents also have clear skin, there is a good chance they passed their great skin genes to you.

You may not have clear skin simply because your skin doesn’t slough off dead skin cells efficiently. A build-up of dead skin cells means there is a greater tendency to have blockages on the skin, and this leads to acne.

There are also those who are born with oily skin and thus are more prone to getting more pores blocked by the oil, which is a contributing cause of acne in one’s face. Thankfully though, in today’s modern times, there are many treatments available to make up for poor skin genetics.

So don’t despair if your parents and/or grandparents have bad skin and you think there is nothing you can do. The next factors describe what you can do to get very clear skin, even if your genetics aren’t perfect.

2. Proper Skincare 

Perhaps the primary reason why some people have very clear skin is that they have adopted the right skincare routine for their skin type. They have learned to take care of their skin starting from a young age, and so they have maintained the clarity of their skin. 

There are some who have continued to have very clear skin because they have started taking care of it ever since they were a teenager. It is during this time when the hormones start to change and may cause one to have changes in one’s skin condition as well.

But there are some who start a good skincare routine at this time and so offset the changes brought on by the hormones in their skin. 

A good skincare routine is one that is followed regularly. There are some people who wash their face twice a day, once in the morning and the other at night, to ensure that it is always clean.

This is because when you have a clean face, you will likely get to have clear skin as well. When the face is not washed regularly, oil and bacteria can build up there. This bacteria leads to clogged pores, and this leads to inflammation and acne. 

Aside from washing the face, some people have clear skin by using the right products on their face as part of their skincare routine. There is a host of beauty products that you can find in the market now that promises to give you clear skin. You have to test these out to know which suits your skin the best.

One of these products is toner. A toner can make a great difference in the health and appearance of your skin. It shrinks pores and reduces the likelihood of acne and other inflammation.

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Another essential skincare product is a good moisturizer. A good moisturizer will hydrate the skin, lock in moisture through the day, and nourish the skin, making it glow. 

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There are some people who have very clear skin because, in addition to the skincare routine that they do by themselves at home, they also go to a dermatologist or a facial spa regularly.

During a facial procedure, pores are deeply cleaned, and so acne is prevented from forming on the face. Aside from facials, there are also other dermatological procedures that you can get in order to have very clear skin.

Similar to the skincare products, the kind of dermatological procedures that people get are the ones that are suited for their specific skin type (e.g., oily, dry, sensitive, combination).

If you see a dermatologist, they will first make an assessment of your specific skin type and condition before recommending the procedure to be taken. 

3. Proper Diet

“You are what you eat” may sound cliche, but there is a lot of truth to it. Most people who have very clear skin eat nourishing food. The reason for this is that the vitamins and minerals that are found in these healthy foods will help in making one’s skin clear. 

There are exceptions, of course, of people who eat poorly and still have clear skin, but that is an exception, not the norm.

If you are eating junk food most of the time, then you can expect to be more prone to having acne or dull, tired-looking skin. This becomes all the more true if you are fond of eating foods that are high in sugar and salt. The reason for this is simple.

There is no nourishment from such kind of food, and it will eventually show up in your skin. People who have switched to a mostly whole-food, plant-based diet start to have clearer skin.

They are getting healthy ingredients from their food that help stimulate collagen production in the skin, keep it hydrated, and avoid inflammation.

So if you want to have clear skin for yourself, you need to start making changes to your everyday diet and adopt one that is rich in nutritious foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

4. Proper Sleep

People with very clear skin know how important getting proper sleep and rest is. They are fully aware that when they get to sleep the number of hours that their bodies need, they are able to rest well. And this leads to healthy and clear skin as well. 

On the other hand, you can easily see by the condition of one’s skin on one’s face if a person has not had enough sleep. When a person has lost some sleep, there will be dark circles under his or her eyes.

In addition to that, those who lose sleep are also more prone to getting acne as their oil glands continue to remain active when they are awake. 

People who have very clear skin take steps to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep every night so that they can retain their clear-looking skin.

They avoid staying out late and partying until the wee hours of the morning because they know that such kind of lifestyle can wreak havoc on one’s skin. You see, a person who is well-rested for most nights will have a greater tendency to have clear skin. 

why do some have very clear skin
Inflammation and acne is common with poor diet, sleep, and exercise

5. Exercise

Those who are into fitness will typically have clearer skin because getting fit is one of the best ways to have a healthy body. When one has a healthy body, one will typically have clear skin as well. 

There are different ways that one can exercise. There are those who adopt an exercise routine that they can do at no cost, such as jogging or running in their neighborhood every day.

There are those who like being coached by a fitness trainer in a gym. There are those who do yoga or pilates as their way of getting fit. You need to find the right way to move that you enjoy and that fits into your schedule.

People who exercise regularly will also tend to have a good metabolism. Having a fast metabolism also contributes to having clear skin.  A fast metabolism means that the body is able to digest foods easier and expel waste quicker.

When one is having trouble expelling waste from one’s body, then this can show up in the quality of skin that one has.

6. Drinking Enough Water

People who have very clear skin have the habit of drinking a lot of water. They know how important it is to stay well hydrated throughout the day and how it keeps the skin hydrated and clear.

That is the reason why they make sure that they have water always on hand. Have your tumbler or water bottle with you so that you can have water on the go.

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When one is not able to drink the right amount of water that the body needs, one’s skin tends to be dull and dry. Drinking a lot of water allows your body to be able to move out easily the toxins that are inside. Trapped toxins inside the body can lead one to have skin that is dull and not clear.

7. Stress Management

Dull, inflamed, acne-prone skin is the end result of great stress. Those who have clear skin learn how to manage their stress properly. Stress is part of modern life today, and if you don’t want to suffer as a result of it, you need to learn to manage it.

The people who have learned how to manage their stress levels and learned effective ways of dealing with it tend to have clear skin as well. 

Some of them may engage in some form of play as their way of releasing stress so that they can remain healthy as they age. Some take up a hobby or a sport as a way of dealing with their stress levels. Other ways to de-stress are to meditate or practice relaxation techniques.

Conclusion – Why Do Some People Have Very Clear Skin?

Why do some people have very clear skin? There are 7 factors that cause some people to have very clear skin:

  1. Lucky Genetics
  2. Proper Skincare
  3. Proper Diet
  4. Proper Sleep
  5. Exercise
  6. Drinking Enough Water
  7. Proper Stress Management

It’s frustrating if you know someone who eats lots of junk food, soda, smokes, etc., yet has very clear skin. The reason for this is that they have lucky genetics.

I would argue, however, that this is a problem for those people because the skin can become a warning beacon for internal health issues. If someone has an acne break-out, they know something isn’t right, and they fix it.

If you are not born if lucky skin genetics, do not despair as you can perfect the other factors. You can make some lifestyle changes, including eating better, getting more sleep, going for a walk, or exercising more.

All of these factors, when combined, will give you a huge advantage in getting clear skin. Your body will thank you and will have the right stuff to keep your skin hydrated, healthy, strong, soft, and clear.

So if you want to be like these people who have very clear skin, you need to start changing your lifestyle as well into a healthy one and start adopting healthy habits.

In addition to that, you have to make sure you drink a lot of water and manage your stress levels well. When you do all of these things and stick with them, you too will get clear skin, eventually leading to more confidence and overall happiness.

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